Auto Insurance

Whether you are opening a CA car insurance policy for the first time, or looking to lower your current rate, Arroyo Insurance can pair you with the perfect California auto insurance policy. Because state law mandates that all drivers must possess auto insurance, California drivers should consult our knowledgeable agents about the CA car insurance plan that best suits your needs. As an insurance brokerage, we have the ability to shop various trusted carriers to find you the most comprehensive yet affordable California auto insurance. If you want additional collision coverage or if you need specialized coverage for an antique vehicle, we can assist you. Learn more about California auto insurance by speaking with one of the knowledgeable agents at Arroyo Insurance. Give us a call today!

Home Insurance

Would you like to decrease payments on your current California home insurance policy? California home insurance is a type of property insurance that covers your private home and the assets within. Even if you currently have California home insurance, CA residents can work with Arroyo Insurance to ensure you are getting the most bang for your buck. Our knowledgeable agents will help you develop a low cost, personalized California home insurance plan. Find out more about California home insurance with Arroyo Insurance of Arcadia, CA. Our agents are industry experts and will navigate you toward the ideal California homeowners insurance policy. Give us a call today for your free quote!

Business Insurance

We understand that as a business owner you face risks on a daily basis, you can rest easy with a California business insurance plan from Arroyo Insurance. We will provide you with a consultation to determine whether your California business insurance needs are covered. Not only will you feel confident in the presence of commercial insurance brokers who have been writing business insurance in California for years, but you can feel good knowing that even if a situation does arise, you're covered by our California business insurance policy. There are many facets of California business insurance. The helpful California insurance agents at Arroyo Insurance will help you determine which California business insurance lines are appropriate for your company. Give us a call today to find out more about business insurance in California.

Group Health

Aside from salary, benefits are one of the top sought incentives for job seekers. Offering California group health insurance at your company makes employment through your organization highly attractive for both applicants as well as current employees. Health coverage can get costly on an individual basis, but through package deals such as California group health insurance there are more opportunities for discounts. Arroyo Insurance supplies a range of employer health insurance plans including both California small group health insurance and coverage for major conglomerates. Our agents are industry experts and can help your organization determine the best California health insurance package for your staff. Please feel free to give us a call or fill out an information request form to learn more about our California group health insurance options.

Workers' Comp

California workers compensation is a type of insurance coverage that businesses are required to carry. California Workers comp insurance covers lost wages and provides medical benefits for people who have been injured while on the job. Having California workers compensation insurance not only provides benefits for employees, but it protects companies. When a business supplies workers compensation, California employees are unable to sue their employers for wrongdoing. California workers comp insurance is beneficial on many levels due to the extent of coverage it provides. Please give Arroyo Insurance a call at 877.813.3101 with any questions you have regarding California workers compensation and our experienced agents will be happy to advise you.

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Founded in 1986 by a group of independent agents, Arroyo Insurance is a full service California insurance agency dedicated to finding the right protection to fit your specific needs. The satisfaction of our valued customers has been our priority since day one and we continue that today by helping individuals, families, and businesses with risk management solutions through insurance. California is our home, and we believe we can strengthen our community with the services we offer.

At Arroyo Insurance, we believe that a knowledgeable team of qualified insurance professionals, excellent customer service and access to the best insurance carriers is the only way to achieve the high level of protection you desire. With over 25 years in the California insurance industry, Arroyo Insurance has mastered how to take the confusion and worry out of insurance. Our expertise will help you feel at ease so you can focus on what truly matters to you.

At Arroyo Insurance, we strive to pair you with an all-inclusive insurance package that caters to your lifestyle. Our friendly agents will guide you through a risk management assessment to determine where your needs lie in regard to insurance. California families, individuals and businesses continue to rely on us because we are dependable and take the time to truly understand your unique needs.

Our priority at Arroyo Insurance is to match you with the most comprehensive California insurance package that caters to your lifestyle. We offer various lines of personal and California business insurance policies. Whether you’re a first time driver in need of California auto insurance or a small business owner looking to fulfill your California workers compensation requirements, we can find a coverage plan that’s right for you. We can also help you plan for the future with a variety of coverages including California estate planning and California life insurance. No matter your age or occupation, the agents of Arroyo Insurance have you covered.

Our commitment to excellence means you will always receive quick, courteous and knowledgeable service from every Arroyo Insurance office. We are a California insurance agency with twelve offices throughout the state. You can find us in Arcadia, Irvine, Glendale, Pasadena, Los Angeles, Redlands, San Francisco Bay, San Pedro, Sherman Oaks, Torrance and Ventura County.

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