How to Add Health & Wellness to Your Business

It is common for many employees to prioritize work over health. They often times skip lunch, stay up late to get the job done, and aren’t able to make time to exercise. Some employees may not even take a sick day, which may sound admirable at first, but it is actually not the best approach for longevity and quality of work.  

For this reason, many companies nowadays are realizing the importance of adding health and wellness programs to their slate of employee benefits.

Make employee health a priority in your company not only because it is the recipe for a fulfilling life, but also because you will maximize productivity in the hours they spend at work. Being in optimal physical and mental shape sets employees up to be their best.

A health and wellness program should be part of your employee benefits package to make employees happier and more productive, foster less office stress, make for fewer sick days and office-related injuries. The program can include fitness activities, general health benefits, mental health, and stress-related activities, social activities, community service activities, and team-building exercises.

Implementing a successful program will just take some basic steps. 

Set Goals 

Developing a wellness program for your employee benefits can be a fun project, although you don’t want to lose sight of why you’re doing it. Make sure every part of your program benefits both the company and staff. Expensive, time-consuming initiatives that employees do not enjoy will only lead to further time wasted and employee dissatisfaction.

Form a Team

Creating a strong wellness program can take a lot of work and has the potential to be very time consuming so it can be quite effective to put a team on the project. HR staff may be the ones to lead the team but executives, those in the finance department and others interested in promoting a healthy workplace should not be excluded. 

Make a Plan

After your team is set up, begin planning what your program should look like for your employee benefits. Form a budget, research ideas and use employee feedback. When things are coming together nicely, call a company-wide meeting to announce the launch of the new wellness program and go over the details. Make sure your employees understand all that it includes so they can get the most out of it. 

Get Feedback

Employee wellness programs always have room for improvement. Encourage your team to be open to feedback and new ideas so the program always has the chance to develop and grow. 

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