How to Insure Your Art and Other Collections

Are you aware of the fact that your private collections need specialized coverage for adequate protection? Whether you’re a collector of fine art, antique furniture, Persian rugs, or wine; have family heirlooms and expensive jewelry that you cherish and will one day be passing down to younger generations, it’s in your best interest to secure a policy with the precise coverage you require to protect these valuables.

Arroyo Insurance will work with you to protect even the rarest or delicate items with Private Collections insurance. Let’s take a closer look at what this entails.

Coverage Features Available

Many different items can be protected, including:

  • Cameras and related equipment
  • China and crystal
  • Coins (rare and current)
  • Firearms
  • Furs
  • Golfing equipment
  • Jewelry
  • Musical instruments
  • Stamps (rare and current)
  • Silverware
  • Wine
  • Fine art, including paintings, etchings, pictures, oriental rugs, statuary, rare books, manuscripts, and bric-a-brac of rarity, historical value or artistic merit

Find seamless and flexible coverage for your collection, that includes:

  • Newly acquired property
  • Broad pair and set coverage
  • Current market valuation
  • Property of others
  • Cost of preparing the inventory
  • Worldwide coverage
  • Breakage coverage
  • Works on loan to others

Most homeowners policies set dollar limits on the amount of protection offered to cover the theft of jewelry or furs, silverware, and other collectibles, which is why specialized coverage is needed. An Arroyo insurance agent is ready to discuss your unique property to determine its insurability and value.


The very first step you need to take is to compile all the documents that came with your artwork purchase. This necessary documentation should underline proof of ownership, bill of sale, a replacement estimate, and photographs. This will provide your insurer with the information of the artworks they will need.  

How Much Coverage? 

Regardless of whether you are a serious art collector or a casual one, it is important to protect your collection with a policy that is designed for the many intricate demands of fine art. 

Determine if your collection consists of mostly contemporary paintings? Have you invested in a handful of works by old masters? Your agent will consider several indexes to determine the value of your investment as artworks from different time periods and mediums will be valued differently to each other.


Fine art insurers will be able to provide you with comprehensive coverage – but only if you’re honest with them about what exactly needs to be insured. If details are skipped, or if risks are not mentioned, it could lead to significant coverage gaps. Be aware of where your art collection is placed, whether it is in your home, office, or in a storage unit. Also, be aware of possible disaster situations that might strike. Be sure to make your art insurer aware, and that your policy covers any potential incidents. 

Regular Appraisals 

It is recommended to have your art collection appraised anywhere between 3-5 years depending on the type of collection you own. When you schedule an updated appraisal, be sure to specify that it is for insurance purposes to make sure that you are given the most up-to-date market value of your artwork or collection. Regular appraisals are particularly important with works that are bought for investment and allows you to keep on track with the value of your collection. 

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