Protecting Your Workplace from the Coronavirus Pandemic

You have probably heard by now about the ever-pressing concern of the Coronavirus. The number of infected individuals is still growing with approximately 81 countries and territories affected around the world. Outside of China, where the infection was derived, the number of daily reported cases continues to rise at a significant rate. The higher risks also call for innovative business protection, and Arroyo Insurance Services is prepared to assist with these solutions. With the Coronavirus still continuing to spread, it is more important than ever to incorporate safe practices within your workplace to help keep employees healthy.

COVID-19 Workplace Tips

Gather and provide information regarding the Coronavirus to create a reference guide that will educate employees about the infection and provide effective ways to avoid it.

Effective Communication

Use a variety of communication channels to familiarize your employees with the symptoms and prevention methods for Covid-19. For example, put up posters, send emails, start chat groups, use infographics, videos, and any mode of media that could help to effectively communicate the message to all employees. Information provided should only be from credible sources that attribute their information to either governmental statements, or health professionals engaged in researching the virus.

Flexible Working Arrangements

In areas with reported cases of the infection, it is best to allow employees to work from home. Flexible working arrangements help eliminate the possibility of transmission at the office and during a commute, especially in densely populated cities or areas with packed urban centers.

There are many platforms that can be utilized for collaboration during work-from-home days; such as Skype, Google Hangouts, Zoom, or Collabedit.

This might not be possible for work that is location-dependent though, but you can still promote measures to avoid viral infections such as face masks, hand sanitizers, and maintaining good personal hygiene.

 Reconsider Leave Policies

Avoid having an infected employee show up to work due to them not having enough paid time off left. This will not only be harmful to the sick employee but also their colleagues and everyone they encounter on the way.

With employees who are suspected of being sick, or have begun feeling ill (especially those that have been traveling), you should notify health authorities, as they can advise you on how to proceed. 

Other Coronavirus Workplace Initiatives

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