The Benefits of Offering Group Dental Insurance to Your Employees

Deciding whether your business should offer dental insurance doesn’t have to be like pulling teeth. Dental insurance commonly becomes lost in the mix regarding discussions about employer-sponsored benefits packages. Medical insurance and 401(k) packages often take the top billing. However, dental coverage is affordable, flexible and applicable to everyone, which helps safeguard against group medical-dental services claims.

There is a wide variety of plans that can fit a range of needs and budgets. Dental insurance plans typically provide preventive, basic and major coverage, which may include check-ups, exams, cleanings, x-rays, fillings, extractions, inlays, crowns, root canals, and dentures.  For some plans, orthodontics may even be covered.

Dental Insurance is Sought-After Care 

With this competitive job market, dental insurance is consistently cited as one of the most sought-after employee benefits, and companies who offer it typically reap the benefits of higher employee satisfaction. Most people will go to the dentist twice a year (or at least know they should) and recognize the value of dental insurance coverage. By offering dental insurance, you can better compete with larger companies to offer stronger benefits packages and attract the best and most qualified employees.

It Impacts Overall Employee Wellness

If dental issues go undetected and untreated, they can very easily develop into major issues with significant dental and, in some cases, other health costs. Regular preventive care with two annual dental visits can go a long way toward keeping employees well—and keeping business running smoothly as a result. Dental insurance makes this kind of basic care easy and affordable. 

About 81 percent of individuals with dental benefits make at year two annual visits, while only 34 percent of people without dental benefits do. To prevent this and group medical and dental services claims, set a precedent by offering group dental insurance and encouraging employees to make dentist visits and to take an active role in their oral health.

On Average, it Promotes Savings

Expenses can be reduced for your employees since certain plans save participants over $100 yearly compared to those without insurance who receive the standard two exams and cleanings and a set of X-rays from dentists. For those seeking standard dental care, an affordable group plan can be a great deal and an incentive for joining and/or staying with a company that helps avoid group medical-dental services claims. 

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