Cyber Threats for 2022

New year, more vicious threats. It’s no news that cyber-attacks are getting complex and invasive. As technology evolves on a massive scale, so does the level of criminality online. Unfortunately, you may never know what hits you until your online presence, including but not limited to your wallet, is compromised.

The implications of a cyber-attack can be huge and cost a lot of money. Plus, the damage can be irreversible. At times, it’s easier to start from scratch than to go after lost resources, but the question is: how ready is your business when such an attack happens? Will you have the resources to start over? Or would it be a case of reeling hard after an attack, with little chances of recovery?

Here we discuss what could harm your business the next time you go online and how cyber liability insurance could help up your business’s chances of being protected against these cyber threats.


For businesses, both startups and established ones, the threat of ransomware could cripple a company if not acted promptly. As with other cyber-attacks, nothing is better than preventing them from happening.

A ransomware attack can cause a lot of damage to your business data, which makes it so debilitating. The idea of paying vast amounts of money for data restoration is insane.

You could risk having your ideas and projects sold to competitors or accessing information that could harm your companies’ reputations. Plus, your company’s bank accounts could be drained within minutes!

Social media: Warfare behind screens

According to this report, around 4.48 billion people are currently using social media in 2021. This number generates a great extent of dissenting ideas, and it’s a little wonder that a business that is flourishing may be brought down by nasty comments on social media, with or without solid evidence.

Social media marketing and advertising have advanced in recent years, and though they are effective ways to increase revenue, social media platforms can be a hotbed of nasty tactics. Not only can keyboard warriors destroy a person’s integrity but also cause rumors that could taint a business.

Fake online profiles also bait businesses into dealing with shady personalities, whose intents vary from espionage to complete takeover of the company, either online or in person. For individuals interested in building these profiles but who have no experience, hiring a hacker for suspicious, social-media-based activities is expected to become more commonplace in 2022.

With the wide range of criminal activities hackers can perform, from infiltrating security to stealing data and identity theft, it’s easy for them to use social media as a means of attack.

Cyber-attacks in the enterprise level

As the stakes of cyber-attacks are raised, hackers turn their attention to controlling victims’ networks more than manipulating ransomware. Ransomware, though, is an excellent point to start for these criminals. Still, the nature of an enterprise’s data exchange proves to be a more lucrative mine for them to organize attacks that damage business and the whole industry.

These cyber threats may cover but are not limited to external threats, unintended security breaches, internal breaches like employees stealing property and data, and risks with third-party vendors leaving gaps that are likely to get exploited by cybercriminals. Successfully attacking one business opens the door for them to take control of a whole network of others, which is terrifying to think about.

How cyber liability insurance helps

These things are what cyber liability insurance aims to protect your business. Although falling prey to these vicious attacks is common and hurts your business in multiple ways, this kind of insurance helps you recover from the aftermath of a cyber-attack with minimal damage. An insurance service a company should not have without, cyber liability insurance covers costs incurred after an attack.

Cyber liability insurance does not cover the damages of data corrupted and stolen devices like laptops, mobile phones, and tablets. The policy covers the damages incurred due to a loss of revenue but may not be able to protect you from attacks resulting from pre-existing, unaddressed security issues.

Our final words

As the level of protection evolves, so are the cybersecurity threats. Whether small or large, businesses must prioritize covering their bases against these threats, with cyber liability insurance as one of the many ways to stay protected.

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