Breaking Down the 3 Most Essential Employee Group Health Benefits

How do you analyze and manage your employee benefits plan?  Setting up its structure, to aligning products that address different employee demographics, to employee utilization is all part of the process. A well-rounded plan consistent with your total compensation plans and philosophy is crucial.

With access to the top carriers you are equipped with the options of the top three essential employee group health benefits: Medical, Dental, and Vision. Group medical services dental claims are a common issue, as sometimes this area is not prioritized. Be sure to address each of these. 


A medical group health plan is the core of employee health benefits. Also, it is important to comply with the ever-changing provisions under the Affordable Care Act. Medical plans that can incorporate non-traditional designs, such as partially self-insured plans and medical captives can be quite helpful. For eligible employers, prescription drug benefit through a stand-alone vendor can also be carved out, often resulting in lower premiums. Group medical services are an essential component of employee health. 


Employer-sponsored Group Dental plans allow participants to get both preventive and restorative care. You will want to be able to connect with a vast variety of dentist and specialist networks. Group Dental insurance can be offered as a traditional plan, where employees can choose their own dentist and receive more flexibility and higher coverage levels for dental work.

Or, an employer can opt for a preferred provider plan (PPO), a prevention and minor-restorative plan, or a dental health maintenance organization (DHMO) plan. Each plan comes with its own deductible structure and rules, however, all provide affordable options for both employers and employees. You will even find some will cover orthodontic care and other specialty appliances, and many offer dependent coverage. A well-versed group benefits agent will assist you in examining all your options to best suit your needs. Dental claims have to potential to be a very serious issue without the proper protection. 


Last but certainly not least, you will want to be equipped with a group vision plan. Vision plans can add value to an employer’s Group Medical and Dental programs. Arroyo offers Group Vision plans that are customized to the needs of small businesses and large groups. Through these providers and their network of vision care professionals, employees can benefit from ongoing vision care expenses such as routine eye exams, prescription glasses and contact lenses. Plans are available both in and out of network.

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